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Call for papers.XVI Economic and Social History Seminar Girona, 2/3-07-2014

Social and geographical mobility in rural societies (14th–19th centuries)

MàJ : 26/03/2014

International Scientific Coordination Network “Crises and Changes in the European Countryside in the long run” (CRICEC).

HAR2011-25077 projectImpoverishment and enrichment processes in rural societies: an analysis of social dynamics in History, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The seminar aims to bring together researchers  from different regions of Europe that analyse social and geographical mobility processes at different moments in history, from the medieval era to the nineteenth century. We will prioritize proposals that focus on the following issues:

1. Social and geographical mobility analysed simultaneously. We will accept papers about social factors that interfere with population movements – for example, the problem of serfdom in the medieval era – as well as studies about migratory movements, including temporary ones, associated with processes of impoverishment and enrichment.

2. Social mobility – upward or downward – or geographical mobility – also temporary – related to processes of structural change. Papers that explore new methodologies intended to capture the critical moments of these processes of change, which often take place silently, will be especially welcome.

3. Changes of residence for family or marriage reasons. It would be especially interesting to explore the direction – upward or downward – of the social mobility, of both women and men, involving changes of residence and to compare societies with different inheritance systems.

Researchers interested in presenting a paper at this seminar should send an abstract and a title before 20 March to Rosa Congost (

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